DHB 100

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DHB (1-Testosterone Cypionate) 100mg/ml

10ml vial

*Susceptible to crystallizing. Simply heat the vial if there are hormone crystals in the vial

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Carrier Oil

GSO (Grapeseed oil), MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride oil)

3 reviews for DHB 100

  1. Joe M (verified owner)

    Better than tren… half as strong with no sides but pip. 200mg dhb as strong as 100mg tren so do the math and try it yourself. It’s my favorite.

  2. E

    Ran for 3 months @ 200mg/wk w/~10mg anadrol PWO and test e 125mg/wk base. It was phenomenal. Only sides I got were when I was trying to run anadrol @50mg a day, turns out my body does not like anadrol, but it loves DHB. Had really solid strength gains and I was recomping so I actually just got way stronger while not losing or gaining a lb either way. That was months ago I kept most of the strength gains and I’m looking to run DHB at 300mg again in a few months, but maybe epi or dbol next time to replace anadrol. For those that care all bloods were in range and good, although RBC count was a bit high otu of range. could have been hydration though. no PIP w/ this either.

  3. Ray (verified owner)

    Good stuff with no PIP. Very little crash too. Simply heat with hot water. Running 250-300mg. Longer ester means less pip but Vascularity , strength and recovery is already showing.

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